Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EFL nano chip?

It is a proprietary chip which creates a nonhertzian field by utilizing the battery for the electric field and the sweep second hand for the magnetic field.

The chip vibrates and cancels these two fields to zero point. Thus collapsing the other fields entering the body as well.

What is a Quantum technology?

Quantum technology is any technology dealing with Maxwell's zero point non hertizian fields.

Quantum technology is using pulsed electric and magnetic fields to cancel each other out to 0 Hertz and therefore have the following attributes:

    1. No loss of energy to the distance traveled
    2. The waveform can carry information
    3. Time is not relevant.

Which are the beneficial effects of Teslar technology?

Teslar Technology has been designed to resist the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Scientific studies in laboratory settings have demonstrated that:

    1. Teslar Technology may reduce the negative effects of stress
    2. Teslar Technology enhances immune response in the presence of EMF.

Which is the disclaimer with regards to beneficial effects and Teslar products?

TESLAR Technology user’s effects may vary. Any effects felt by TESLAR Technology are dependent upon the users general awareness. TESLAR Technology does not claim effects will be felt on every user.*

The Teslar technology is not intended to diagnose treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Explanation of benefits of wearing the watch on your left hand

The triple warmer meridian is one of the body's primary energy conduits.

It starts at the 4th finger (from the thumb) and travels up the arm, through the shoulder, behind the ear and finally to the corner of the eye. It is the energy conduit that activates the immune system.

Do I need to wear the watch 24 hours a day?

We recommend wearing the TESLAR watch as much as possible, even while sleeping.

While the field-effects of the TESLAR signal may linger for some time after removing the watch, if you are not wearing it you are generally not benefiting from the TESLAR 7-9 Hz signal.

However, this really comes down to a personal choice. Electromagnetic fields surround us constantly, virtually everywhere, from cell phones, computers, and electrical lighting, to even the electromagnetic energy radiating from people around you. And everybody has differing levels of sensitivity to EMF.

Some people prefer not to wear the watch while sleeping because they simply feel more comfortable without. Others literally cannot sleep without it.

Some people benefit more by wearing it almost constantly. Some less sensitive to EMF may choose to wear the watch more sporadically and notice minimal or no effect. It really comes down to a personal choice and your own experimentation with what works best for your body’s needs.

I’m wearing the watch on the left wrist but I do not feel any sort of beneficial effects. What is happening?

If you don’t feel anything, you may wish to try wearing the watch on the opposite wrist. The distribution of the TESLAR signal in your body’s energy flow sometimes works better if placed on the opposite wrist.

If I wear the watch also on the opposite wrist and I do not feel any sort of benefit?

There are people who need to wear it on the right as they are reversed polarity. The watch just won't feel right on the left but very comfortable on the right. In this case they should wear it on the right. If you don't feel anything after wearing the watch awhile, then maybe you are person who is not subject to electromagnetic fields. Remember, the watch is only a protection from EMF, and if you are one of those rare people that are not subject to these fields, then you will not feel the Teslar benefits.

What is the quality of the diamonds of Teslar watches?

You have all this info in the warranty and instruction manual uploaded on our website Here they are: Colour: G/H - Clarity: SI

How to identify a faulty/expired chip?

The first thing you will notice is a change in color, from a copper tone to dark green or black. This can happen when the chip is exposed to strong electromagnetic fields. It is recommended to change the Teslar chip when replacing the battery of the watch.

Please contact our Customer Service Department at 888.350.6383 or by emailing for assistance in either replacing the chip or ordering a new one.

The watch colour says IP ie. IP rose gold - what does this mean?

IP means ion plating. It is a chemical process that makes stainless steel turning into yellow or rose gold color.

How often do you recommend getting the watch serviced?

This information can be found on the warranty booklet. For perfect waterproofing it is advisable to have the watch serviced every 24 months.

I need to change the bracelet of my Teslar watch to add/ remove some links. How can I do this?

Should your watch need servicing or repair, please contact the authorized retailer from whom the watch was purchased or email

No one is authorized to alter the terms of this warranty. Any other form of warranty given by the retailer is entirely under the retailer’s own responsibility.

Where are the Teslar watches made?

Teslar watches are Swiss Made watches and are produced in Switzerland in compliance with the most stringent quality standards of the Swiss watch industry.

What is the warranty policy?

Please have a look at the warranty policy booklet here

Does the ELF chip run out of battery / will it need replacing after a few years?

The battery of the watch should last 24 months as all the batteries.