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How is electromagnetic pollution affecting you?

Computers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, televisions, tablets - all these devices disrupt our brain and nervous system functionality, destabilizing our body's natural electromagnetic field. As a result we are exposed to a level of electromagnetic frequency millions of times higher than ever before.
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Electromagnetic fields through person

Our Mission

Teslar strives to protect the global community from the potential dangers of man-made electromagnetic fields that emerge from everyday technology. Now more than ever, we are exposed to external elements out of our control. Teslar encourages consciousness and heightened awareness towards greater well being by providing a critical tool to defend our bodies against electromagnetic pollution.
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How does it work?

Teslar watches house a USA Made quantum technology chip that works in sync with a Swiss Made quartz movement and the battery of the watch to replicate Earth's natural frequency.
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Earth's natural frequency

Earth has its own natural frequency that helps our body. 

When connected with this frequency our body can restore, revitalize and heal itself more effectively from the adverse effects of artificial, man-made electromagnetic pollution. It helps our energy system reach its maximum potential.
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Diagram of the body and all the energy paths it contains.

How does Teslar technology work?

Teslar technology utilizes the measurable electric field in the watch's battery combined with the magnetic field of the coil in order to create a zero-point waveform with a scalar pulse of 7 to 9 times per second (7-9Hz). This frequency range mimics Earth’s natural frequency which may reduce the negative effects of stress.
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Teslar mens watch

Teslar Technology

The TESLAR Technology works with a Watch Quartz movement. The measurable energy emitted from the watch is primarily due to the Coil watch movement and the Battery. TESLAR technology does not emit electromagnetic energy above the ambient noise of the environment, as measured by Underwriter’s Laboratory (Product Safety Test) TESLAR watches, contain a non-HERTZIAN Signal-Producing CHIP. The non HERTZIAN, scalar CHIP functions as Quantum Piezoelectric Force (QPF) stated that the “rhythmic percussion generates non-HERTZIAN PE-Charge that systemically ignites every cell” The TESLAR Technology creates a special signal that mimics the earth’s natural frequency to help the body strengthen its own electromagnetic field against the subtle effects of external, low-energy electromagnetic fields.
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